BWCE Supporters Network

We are building a Supporters Network to promote practical action on community energy and climate change.

The network is made up of people who share our vision of ‘a local area where energy demand is reducing and the generation from renewable energy is increasing, driven by collective action and community ownership.’

We are recruiting supporters in every community in the Bath & West area to:

  • Share BWCE information within their communities / groups / networks to build awareness around community energy.
  • Encourage family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to become members of BWCE and invest in community energy
  • Volunteer to support BWCE events, promotional and outreach activities to build the profile of community energy.
  • Help us identify potential sites for renewable energy generation.
  • Link-up with other BWCE supporters locally to explore the potential for community energy projects together.

The Supporters Network meets 3 times a year and sets up working groups to deliver activities and events.

All contributions welcomed – big or small.

To find out more contact:

Nick Bird
Communications and Community Outreach Co-ordinator
[email protected]
07517 100889