Delia Masanotti, Trustee at Kidical Mass says: “We believe in cycling as a healthy, environmentally-friendly and sustainable mode of transport and that by cycling together, and by campaigning for safe cycling infrastructure, we can make cycling accessible to all.

We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience of cycling and wheeling; to celebrate the freedom given by independent, affordable, and sustainable travel modes; to attract, include, and represent a wider breadth of the public (families, ethnicities, age groups, physical abilities).

Our very first ride was in May 2021. We have since organised more than 10 group cycle rides and have noticed an increasing number of people joining our events. We have also received a lot of positive feedback from families who had never tried to cycle around Bath on their own, and from disabled people who were able to safely cycle in a group.

Cycling – even for short journeys – reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Importantly it improves mental and physical health. Cycling is also a much cheaper transport option compared to driving a car, especially given the increasing fuel costs. Giving people the confidence to cycle is therefore the key to tackle climate issues and fuel poverty.

There are courses and programmes to give the confidence and practical skills needed to cycle and they are available to both children and adults but at present none of those are free (our local council also offers Bikeability sessions through schools but not all schools can subsidise it).

We wanted to fill that gap and the funding we applied for, and received from BWCE, was used to organise free learn-to-cycle drop-in sessions at Odd Down Cycle Track. The event was delivered before summer with the help of local business Cyclebuddy, which had successfully delivered similar sessions in the past at Odd Down.


The drop-in sessions focussed on beginners but the event was open to all, to allow individuals, but also families with riders of different levels, to join and practise together.

‘Dr Bike sessions’ were also available to run safety checks on all riders’ bikes and carry out small repairs. Riders were encouraged to take their bikes along but these would be checked, and if not good enough to be used riders could borrow bikes for free on the day. Riders who did not own a bike or were not able to bring it to the session, were able to book a free loan bike with their lesson.

Police attended the event as well, offering free security bike marking which can help with recovering a bike in case it gets stolen.

At least 140 people all together attended the event and benefited directly. We had 38 people between children and adults in the New Rider and Learn To Ride sessions alone.


Given what Kidical Mass Bath stands for, it was amazing for us to be able to do something that could enable people to cycle, or to cycle more, alone or as a family.  All volunteers involved were delighted to see children and adults gain so much confidence from a short session of coaching. It was encouraging to see how much joy cycling can bring to children and families.

The feedback we’ve had has been amazing. A lot of families have cycled more since attending the training; children who could not cycle are now enjoying going out with their families and many have gained confidence riding their bikes. Many children had their bikes but were not confident riders, or had never cycled, so we are confident that the lesson will have made a difference on how much they will cycle, as individuals but also as a family.

It was great to see so many families joining the event. Everyone was really grateful to be able to take advantage of free lessons for their kids or themselves. We had families of different ethnicities and backgrounds, also families for whom English wasn’t their first language.

To quote an adult: “A really well run event with lots of nice helpful people making a real positive difference to children and adults confidence to ride bicycles”.

And there is this lovely story about a lady in the adult riders group. She was very anxious. Struggling even to push off. In fact, about 10 mins into her coaching session she became tearful and overwhelmed.

Her instructor managed to reassure her and calm her, then started going through the basics, slowly, at her pace. She started to get more confident. Pushing off on her own. They first practised starting and stopping, till she gained control of the bike. Then they talked about gears and she found the right gear for her. By the end, she managed to cycle the whole circuit as part of a group! She was part of the ride! She kept up, surprised herself, chatting away and telling where she wanted to go and ride, making plans on her bike, getting inspired. That one session started her journey off!

We’d like to close by inviting everyone on wheels to join us on our rides – so follow us on and keep an eye out on for rides coming up in Spring and Summer.”