As and when we publish documents and materials that are relevant to our members and/or bondholders they will be available here.

BWCE Business Plan 2022-25

To read our Community Business Plan up to 2025 please go here.

BWCE Share Withdrawal Policy (Updated – June 2019)

The BWCE board adopted a share withdrawal policy following consultation with members in December 2016 and updated it in June 2019. BWCE Share withdrawal Policy June 2019

A share withdrawal request form can be downloaded. Please complete and return using the contact details provided on the form. BWCE share withdrawal request form April 2024

BWCE's Annual General Meetings

For information on and reports submitted to our annual AGMs, please see here.

BWCE Rules

BWCE is governed by a set of Rules approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. To see a copy of the latest Rules click here. (Updated with changes following the September 2020 AGM).

Project Performance Analysis 2017-18 (Aug 2018)

Due to the lower than forecast performance for the second year running, BWCE’s Board updated the analysis it did last year on the level of impact that lower than average levels of sunshine in the year have had on project performance. Project Performance 2017-18 Report

BWCE Bond Briefing (January 2018)

This briefing summarises the main elements of the terms for our three solar bonds, summarised from the original Bond Offer Documents. BWCE Bond Briefing

BWCE Business Plan Overview Update (September 2017)

The BWCE board has updated its business strategy in light of the changes in the energy market and the opportunities this presents to expand the vision for community energy. The document has been developed in dialogue with BWCE’s members. BWCE Business Plan Overview Update

Project Performance Analysis 2016-17 (Jun 2017)

Due to the lower than forecast performance in 2016-17 BWCE’s Board carried out some analysis that demonstrated that by far the most significant cause for this loss in performance was the lower than average levels of sunshine experienced during the year. Project Performance 2016-17 Report

BWCE 2014 Business Plan Update

BWCE Business Plan Update 2014 available as a .pdf to download or view online. The original business overview published in 2011 can be seen below.

BWCE 2011 Business Overview

From time to time we publish an overview of our Business Plan. This will be updated and changed periodically as the business progresses: The original Business Overview from 2011, can be seen here Business Overview. This was updated in 2014, see above document.