Our Vision, Aims and Objectives

Our vision is for a local area able to supply decreasing local energy demand with increasing generation from renewable energy, driven by collective action and community ownership.

We are delivering Clean local energy, community owned for the common good. 

An overview of our Business Plan can be found in the Documents section here.

Our goals, objectives and targets to 2021 are summarised in the table below.

Goals Objectives     Targets to March 2021


Maximise Community Renewables





Strengthen the link with energy supply





Increase local benefits and engagement

Creating a sense of collective purpose, ‘we are all in this together’


Expand renewable electricity capacity to match local electricity supply customer base
  • 15,500 MWh/yr[1] supplied by BWCE owned renewable electricity projects (now 12,350 MWh/yr[2])
Test potential new business models around renewable heat and energy efficiency
  • 1-2 community scale renewable heat projects
  • Domestic scale heat and energy efficiency and community pilots if workable
Launch a local supply tariff
  • 5000 customers
Maximise opportunities for electricity market innovation
  • 1-2 large scale storage projects
  • 1-2 peer to peer trading projects
  • Domestic scale storage and demand management community pilots if viable
Broaden and deepen BWCE’s reach within local communities
  • 50% increase in membership with at least 75% from BWCE’s local area[3]
  • Doubling newsletter circulation[4]
  • Active volunteer programme
Strengthen BWCE’s capacity to deliver
  • Sustainably financing community outreach staff
  • Reduce weighted cost of capital by 1% plus other project running cost reductions
  • Establish full social and environmental impact reporting

[1] Assumes a typical household has an annual electricity demand of 3,100 kWh/yr based on Ofgem figures

[2] Based on current BWCE generating capacity of 12.35MW of solar PV

[3] BWCE now has 650 members and 400 bondholders, with significant overlap between the two

[4] BWCE now has newsletter circulation of around 1,250