About us

Bath & West Community Energy is currently run by 9 directors. Read more about them here.

BWCE was established in 2010 when initiatives started by the Transition Bath Energy Group and Transition Corsham came together under one banner. Our main aim was to initiate projects that respond to the threat of climate change and peak oil, that retain economic value at a local level and that offer people a direct say in how their energy is generated and used. Read more about our Aims and Objectives.

It quickly became apparent that we would need to set up some structure that allowed us to pursue these aims. After much research we settled on becoming an Industrial and Provident Society.

One of the points we were insistent on when we set up BWCE was that it should benefit not only its investors but also the community from where we draw our support. So a major part of our work is to create benefit for the community fund.

We have also received a huge amount of support from various organisations and individuals, all of it valuable and given freely.