Nick Bird

Nick is responsible for co-ordinating BWCE’s communications and community outreach work. He brings a wealth of experience from over 30 years managing community projects and events, promoting community engagement and delivering training.

He has run community engagement projects in Wiltshire, London and Leeds, worked in a community arts centre and, in a voluntary capacity, helped to develop organisations such as Larkhall Festival and Bath Co-operative Alliance. At a national level he has worked with community organisations to help them better engage with Government and local authorities (Urban Forum) and to network and share knowledge (The Quest Trust). 

Nick has extensive experience of delivering training, both as a freelance trainer and as an associate of Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, Tenant Participation Advisory Service and London Voluntary Services Council. He has also taught for the College of North East London and the WEA. 

Alex Lockton

Alex Lockton is working on a range of new development projects including both new renewable energy and low carbon technologies as well as strategic consultancy. Alex has worked in the renewable energy industry for 14 years, owning and running businesses which design, install and operate all forms of renewable energy including Solar, Wind, Biomass, Heat Pumps.

In the last 5 years Alex ran a local energy business which was responsible for the design and construction of a large number of community energy projects in the south west including some for BWCE. 

Currently Alex’s main focus is developing the new BWCE Community Solar PV campaign which identifies commercial and public buildings to host community owned solar systems. In addition to this he is developing a number of new projects involving renewable heat, battery storage and Electric vehicle technology to help BWCE accelerate the zero carbon energy transition in our area.

Alison Turnbull

Alison Turnbull is one of BWCE’s main project developers working on a freelance basis. She has worked in the renewable energy industry for 20 years, including at AEA Technology on the UK government’s biomass energy research and development programme and at ESD as a renewable energy consultant.

During the latter part of her career, she worked with Ambient Energy Ltd on the development of small scale biomass projects and more recently on the development of small scale pv community schemes with CoCoEnergy and Frome Renewable Energy Co.

Alison was responsible for the project development on a range of BWCE’s solar PV roof schemes and the project management of BWCE’s first demand management programme, Empower, an Innovate UK funded scheme operating in the Corsham community near Bath . She is currently project managing BWCE’s Flex Community and Solar Streets projects and helping BWCE identify and develop new solar roofs.