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What is Solar Streets?

Solar Streets is a local community energy initiative co-ordinated by BWCE covering three streets in the Bear Flat area of Bath – Maple Grove, Bloomfield Avenue (South) & Elm Place/Bloomfield Road. The aim of Solar Streets is to reduce peak electricity demand across the community in order to bring down carbon emissions and costs, and to make it easier to increase the proportion of our electricity that can comes from intermittent renewable energy sources.

Climate change requires our energy system to increase generation from renewables and store energy to deal with intermittent supply. It also requires significant changes in how we all use energy. Solar Streets is exploring how we can best make these changes across a neighbourhood to learn lessons which we can then roll out to other areas.

Solar Streets is part of the OpenLV programme supported by Western Power Distribution. This ground-breaking project is making local electricity data openly available for the first time ever, to benefit local communities and the wider energy industry.

To find out more go OpenLV where you will also find 10 things you may not know about local electricity networks (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

This project is especially timely following the declaration by B&NES Council on 14th March 2019 of a Climate Emergency, including the aim to make the area carbon neutral by 2030.

If you live in the Solar Streets area please complete our short survey to enable us to understand some of the issues around energy behaviour.

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