BWCE are working in partnership with ACE (Avalon Community Energy) in Shepton Mallet, Bath and surrounding areas to carry out a pilot research project aimed at maximising the local use of renewable solar electricity.

We have identified small groups of households, some of which have pv panels on their roof and some that don’t, to invite to join our pilot research project.  We are asking those households with solar panels on their roof (who do not have household batteries) whether they ‘export’ some of their solar generation to the grid, whilst correspondingly asking those households without solar panels  whether they would like to use this electricity.

Matching generation with demand

To do this, we need to measure how much and when the solar panel households are generating electricity, whilst simultaneously, measuring how much and when the non-pv panel households are using electricity. This concept is known as “peer-to-peer trading”, but no actual “trade” takes place in this pilot as it is a simulation, albeit based on real electricity data.

We will not interfere with Feed-in-Tariff payments and any export tariff payments (if households are registered for FIT).  Participating households will not be required to change their grid electricity supplier neither do they need to have a smart meter. There is no cost to them to participate, in fact we make a small payment for their contribution to our research.

For more information about this and other aspects of the Flex Community project email [email protected] or call Julia on 07784 144439