Flex Community

BWCE and Stemy Energy invite you to help shape the future

We are recruiting volunteers to test a smart app designed by Stemy Energy which helps shift electricity demand away from peak times, in order to reduce carbon emissions and the cost of maintaining the local network.


  • The app works by learning energy behaviour and building performance, predicting weather patterns and automating energy controls in response.
  • It has been well tested by Stemy Energy in Spain and now we are working with them to adapt it for use in the UK.
  • The pilot project will focus on testing the app with hot water heating (see below).
  • Following the pilot project we aim to develop the project to manage electricity demand from space heating, electric vehicles etc and provide a mechanism for integrating solar PV.
  • In the future we believe that this project could help villages and other small neighbourhoods to become more energy resilient through local renewable energy projects.
  • Involvement in this project will influence how we develop an approach that will become central to the energy transition over the next 3-5 years.

Pilot project (hot water control)

For our pilot project we are looking for volunteers who meet the following criteria:

  • Live in Bath & North East Somerset or adjoining areas (e.g. Bradford on Avon, Corsham, Trowbridge, Marshfield).
  • Keen to do something practical about the climate crisis.
  • Use an electric immersion heater to heat water (either as the main source or as a back-up).

Would you be willing to help us by doing three things:

Have a small bit of hardware installed near your hot water tank.

Allow the app to remotely control (within pre-set comfort levels) when the immersion heater heats the hot water. Don’t worry, you will still be able to override the system if you need to.

Give us feedback on your experience of using the app so we can develop it as necessary before we roll it out to other households.

For more information visit the Flex Community website where you will find frequently asked questions and a short survey you can take to check your eligibility for the project (deadline Thursday 16th January 2020).

Any questions please contact: Nick Bird at [email protected] or call 07517 100889.