BWCE and Stemy Energy invite you to help shape the future

Are you interested in shifting away from oil and gas in transport and home heating?

Do you want to be part of an innovative project to better manage energy demand and support to transition to a low carbon electricity grid?

If you live within the BWCE area of benefit why not join our Flex Community?

BWCE are collaborating with Stemy Energy to link energy technologies such as ev charge points, heat pumps and electric immersion heaters via digital technology to the electricity grid. We are exploring how householders can collectively shift electricity demand away from peak times, in order to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Avoid the need for expensive and resource intensive grid upgrades.
  • And ultimately, enable more renewable energy to be installed on the grid.

Involvement in this project will help us develop a community-led approach we hope will become central to the energy transition over the next 3-5 years.

So if you have either already installed or are considering installing a heat pump, an ev charging point or an electric immersion heater please complete an Expression of Interest (no commitment at this stage) to find out more.

Complete an Expression of Interest

Flex Community is supported by Power to Change through its Next Generation programme.

What is the Challenge?

To respond to the climate crisis we need to both increase the generation of renewable energy and electrify home heating and transport to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels such as gas and oil. This is known as the ‘energy transition’.

However, the decentralised and intermittent (weather dependent) nature of renewables plus the expected increased demand of new electric appliances is leading to increased pressure on our electricity grid and making it harder to balance demand and supply, especially at peak times when electricity supply is more carbon intensive.

If we do not find effective ways of more closely matching the supply of renewable electricity with demand from consumers we face both a continued reliance on fossil fuel energy generation plus the prospect of electricity grid upgrades with major implications in terms of cost, resource use and environmental impact.

See more on Energy Demand.

What is the Flex Community Response?

BWCE is trialling a community approach to balancing supply and demand by utilising and refining smart technology designed by Stemy Energy in order to:

  • Help householders install electric hot water heating, space heating and electric vehicle charging that can communicate to the electricity grid via smart technology.
  • Combine householders together (the ‘Flex Community’) to enable a collective response when the electricity grid requires demand to be turned up or down at specific times (‘flexibility requests’)
  • Ensure that householders retain control at all times so as not to compromise their comfort levels.
  • Explore the potential for income generation from providing flexibility services.

We are working with Stemy Energy to adapt the technology to the UK context and to integrate it into a community owned model that empowers local people to take an active role in the energy transition.

What could be the benefits of this approach?

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced costs for householders, plus the potential to generate income from providing flexibility.
  • A decrease in the proportion of home energy that is reliant on fossil fuels.
  • An electricity grid that can better balance demand and supply, especially during peak times when carbon intensity is high.
  • A reduction in the need for resource intensive investment in the electricity grid.
  • An increase in the ability of the grid to incorporate new renewable energy generation, including community owned generating projects directly serving local people.
  • More opportunities for local communities to take ownership and control over the energy transition.

How can I get involved?

If you live in the BWCE area of benefit we’d like to hear from you if:

  • You are interested in installing (or have already installed) a heat pump, electrical vehicle charging point or immersion heater.
  • You would be interested in testing out digital technology that enables you and others to be more flexible around electricity demand to make the grid more renewable friendly.
  • You would be willing to provide feedback to enable Flex Community be more effective and user friendly.

Complete an Expression of Interest