We are looking for pioneers to join Flex Community and help shape the future of energy

Flex Community has been developed by:

  • Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE), a community owned renewable energy company, working for community benefit and
  • Stemy Energy, a Spanish company developing digital technology to support the energy transition.

Are you ready to take the triple carbon reduction challenge?

  • To convert from fossil fuels to electric home (space/water) heating and transport.
  • To shift your electricity demand to better correspond with renewable energy generation.
  • To join a community of flexible energy users actively supporting a low carbon grid.

If the answer is YES, then Flex Community is the place for you!

please read on and then complete the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of the page.

Maximise the impact of renewable energy

Grid flexibility via digital technology enables you to shift the times of your electricity use when the grid requires it to maximise the impact of renewable energy.

  • Already have a heat pump, ev charge post or electric hot water heater? – Depending on the make, we can install a digital device to connect it to the electricity grid.
  • Planning to install any of these technologies? – Do it through Flex Community and build in grid flexibility from the outset.

Don’t worry, you will have control over the amount of flexibility you offer.

Currently we are looking for participants in Bath & North East Somerset and some adjoining communities (see MAP below).

During 2021 we will be broadening our area to include parts of Somerset encompassing Wells, Shepton Mallet, Wedmore, Glastonbury and Street.

Why are we doing this?

To respond to the climate crisis, we need an energy transition. This involves:

  • Generating more renewable energy.
  • Converting home heating (water and space) and transport from fossil fuels to electricity.

But we can’t guarantee our electric devices are being charged by clean energy, especially at peak times when energy is more reliant on fossil fuel generation and therefore more carbon intensive.

This is due to the fact than renewable energy is intermittent and dependent on weather patterns. And conversion to electric transport and heating also puts more pressure on the grid.

Therefore, as these electric technologies become more prevalent, we need to match the energy demand from them to times when renewable energy is generating. This decreases reliance on fossil fuels and better manages the demand placed on the grid. A win-win situation!

As electric technologies become more prevalent, we need to match the energy demand to times when renewable energy is generating, to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and better manage the demand placed on the grid.

To do this we all need to become flexible energy consumers, willing to change our behaviours to support a low carbon energy grid.

And we need to act collectively to maximise the impact we can make. We are building a community of energy users linked to the electricity grid via digital technology to be able to automatically shift energy use when the grid requires it.

What can we achieve by working together?

Involvement in this project will help us develop a community-led approach to the energy transition leading to:

  • A decrease in the proportion of home energy that is reliant on fossil fuels.
  • An electricity grid that can better balance demand and supply, especially during peak times when carbon intensity is high.
  • An increase in the ability of the grid to incorporate new renewable energy generation.
  • More opportunities for local communities to take ownership and control over the energy transition.
  • Increased energy efficiency, leading to reduced costs for householders, plus the potential to receive payments for providing flexibility.
  • A reduction in the need for resource intensive investment in the electricity grid.

How can I get involved?

If you live in the BWCE Flex project area and have a heat pump, ev charge post, an immersion heater or are planning to install these technologies, we’d like to hear from you.

Please complete the quick Expression of Interest form  below and we’ll be in touch with further details.

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