Flex Community has been chosen to be one of the demonstration projects for ReDream, a European wide project initiated by Stemy Energy and Comillas (Madrid) University. This means an increase in both the duration and scope of Flex Community, enabling us to really benefit from the development work done so far:

  • ReDream funding will enable Flex Community to run for a further three years.
  • We will be extending the target area beyond the BWCE area of benefit into parts of Mendip and will be collaborating with community energy and environmental organisations in that area to promote it.

The Flex Community Portal developed by Stemy Energy in collaboration with BWCE is due to go live very soon. The Portal is the on-line gateway to the Flex Community Energy Ecosystem and will enable participants build up a smart energy profile to help them install energy technology and offer flexibility to support the development of a low carbon energy grid.

If you are interested in getting involved in Flex Community please complete the Expression of Interest.