BWCE are pleased to announce the launch of Community Solar 2020, a new programme to install community owned solar pv in the Bath & West area.

Community Solar 2020 will offer free solar panel installations for businesses, schools and community buildings.

  • BWCE will raise the money, install the systems, own and maintain them.
  • BWCE will sell the solar generated electricity to the building owner at least 10% cheaper than the grid and help them to slash their carbon emissions.
  • Surplus income is donated to local community projects to reduce emissions and fuel poverty through the BWCE Community Fund.
  • Organisations that install community owned solar will be given an opportunity to invest in BWCE and earn an annual return.

We need to identify a number of solar roofs by February 2020 and for this we need your help!

We are asking BWCE members and supporters to become Solar Roof Spotters to help us find potential roofs for the project.

Please go to our Community Solar 2020 page  to find out more