Free solar panel installation for businesses, schools and community buildings

Take practical action to combat the climate emergency

Cut your electricity costs (by at least 10% vs the grid)

Help us increase the funding we can donate to community projects

What is the BWCE Rooftop Solar offer?

  • Free solar panel installations for businesses, schools and community buildings
  • BWCE raises the money, installs the system, owns and maintains it
  • You get cheaper power from the solar (at least 10% cheaper than the grid) and slash your carbon emissions
  • Surplus income is donated to local community projects to reduce carbon emissions and address fuel poverty
  • Your organisation and your people get an opportunity to invest in BWCE and earn an annual return.

Do you qualify for Rooftop Solar?

  • Are you located in Bath & North East Somerset or in the parts of Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire that border B&NES (e.g. Bradford on Avon, Corsham, Trowbridge, Marshfield)?
  • Do you have a southerly facing pitched roof in good condition (ideally 300 square metres – around the size of a tennis court) OR a shallow pitched roof which faces due East and West?
  • Does your building use a significant amount of power year round with a minimum of 6000 (kWh) each month during the summer?

If YES then our Rooftop Solar team would like to hear from you!

Priority will be given to sites which do not require planning permission initially and sites which require it, such as listed buildings or flat roofs, may fall into later rounds of development.

Why choose BWCE?

As a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society our primary mission is not to make money but to reduce local carbon emissions through:

  • Increasing the amount of local renewable energy generation
  • Delivering projects to reduce the energy demand of local households, businesses and organisations.

Since being established in 2010 we have:

  • Installed renewable energy equivalent to the demand of 4,500 homes (including ground mounted solar arrays and solar pv on schools and community buildings)
  • Donated £300,000 to the BWCE Fund and other charitable organisations to support low carbon and fuel poverty initiatives in local communities.
  • Raised over £11.2 million through community shares and bonds.


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