Our Vision, Aims and Objectives

Our vision is to create a financially sustainable, community-owned energy enterprise. We will deliver renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy supply services via a strong community model that will maximise local investment, strengthen our local economy and build community resilience.

We want to see communities in Bath and surrounding area actively engaged with and influencing how we generate, supply and use energy. Through local ownership and control, renewable energy projects will feed profits back into meeting local needs.

An overview of our Business Plan can be found in the Documents section here.

We are focusing on solar, photovoltaic (PV), hydro and wind projects. These are reliable technologies with a long track record of success. We will use suppliers that can offer long-term guarantees on the installed plant.

BWCE is working closely with Bath and North East Somerset Council to maximise the proportion of the local 2026 renewable energy target of 110 MW that will be delivered via a community model.

In order to develop a project we will:

  • Carry out a feasibility assessment
  • Consult widely with communities and other important interests and groups
  • Prepare a detailed development proposal
  • Submit a planning application (if needed)
  • Negotiate contracts with electricity companies for connection and off-take
  • Raise finance for the project
  • Manage construction and commissioning of the project
  • Manage, operate and maintain the project over its lifetime