New rooftop solar installations are coming thick and fast, including our biggest ever rooftop system 260 KW at Beechen Cliff School in Bath (see above).

We have plans to install 1MW of rooftop solar this year and need to step up our fundraising efforts to raise the required capital.

Our open share offer (previous interest rate 4%) raised £1.2 million by August 2022.

On 1st September 2022 we issued a new share offer document with an increased target interest rate of 5% (subject to performance). This new interest rate will apply to both new shares, and as planned in the previous share offer document, to existing shares that currently have a 4% target interest rate.

To support and expand our current rooftop installation programme we need to raise:

A further £500,000 by Christmas 2022 (to reach a total of £1.7 million)

A further £1 million by April 2023 (to reach a total of £2.2 million)

BWCE’s mission is to put people at the heart of the transition to net zero by placing ownership and control of energy in the hands of consumers via clean energy projects that actively involve and benefit local communities. You can help us to deliver this vision by:

  • Becoming a member of BWCE and investing (minimum £100) or by investing more if already a member. Please read the share offer document available via the link provided and understand the terms and risks before investing.
  • Informing family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc about this share offer. We need to spread the word and word of mouth is often the most effective way.
  • Helping us to connect with local organisations and networks to get our message out.