Sonya Bedford

Sonya is a Partner with Spencer West solicitors; a non-executive director at Regen; a director at Exeter Community Energy and South Dartmoor Community Energy and vice chair of Green Wedmore with 20 years’ experience of energy issues. Her strengths lie in dealing with all aspects of renewables development from feasibility through to construction and funding. Sonya has a particular expertise in accessing grid, development of alternative connections and licensed and local supply.

Rupert Atkinson

Rupert is a finance professional and private investor in startup / scale-up technology companies – many of which are pioneering examples of the positive environmental change being initiated by the private sector. Rupert complements his investing activities with support for a number of university enterprise / entrepreneurship initiatives, including the Launch Lab of City University (Mentor, and member of the Advisory Board) and SETsquared Bath (Mentor)