Our renewable energy projects have generated...9,919MWh from 1st April 2022 to end of August 2022

That’s 1.6% above target for the year to date

Equivalent to the electrical demand from 5,863 homes during that period

Meaning a carbon reduction of 2,094 Tonnes CO2e

Equivalent to 113,775 journeys from Bath to Edinburgh via train

Retaining income that would otherwise drain out of the local area worth:


BWCE Energy Project Performance – Year to Date

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Our Projects

Since its inception in 2010 BWCE has built 5 ground mounted solar arrays (solar farms) and installed solar pv on the roofs of 16 schools and five other buildings. We also own one modern water wheel. 

Installations in  2022:

Beechen Cliff School (Bath) 260KW
Writhlington School (Radstock) 170KW
Norton Hill School (Midsomer Norton) 160KW
Somervale School (Midsomer Norton) 114 KW
Hayesfield School (Bath) 91KW
Lansdown Golf Club (Bath) 41 KW

Rooftop Solar

Install community funded solar panels on your building to cut carbon, cut costs and support your community

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Or if you are in BWCE’s local area, help us find suitable rooftops by becoming a Solar Roof Spotter

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Solar Streets

Solar Streets operated in two streets in the Bear Flat area of Bath. We installed solar pv and batteries and tested a community approach to electricity demand management.

It was part of the OpenLV programme which made local electricity data openly available for the first time ever, to benefit local communities and the wider energy industry.

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Our Renewable Energy Sites

Solar PV Project Performance

Historical performance data for all our solar projects by year

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