Mike Bess

Mike has been involved in community-based sustainable energy for over 30 years. He has lived in West Wiltshire the past 20 years. He came to the area after living for East Africa working on clean energy to join a new company. ESD Ltd. (now called Verco Ltd in Neston, Corsham) which he helped found while based in Africa. Mike is now Principal Associate with Verco who also works in the UK and abroad as a free-lance clean energy consultant.

He began his career working with communities to develop efficient water pumping irrigation schemes along the Nile River in northern Sudan. As a resource economist and planner, he has worked with communities throughout his career  to help them maximise the use of their resources, whether land, water, forestry or other, in sustainable ways.

Mike has worked with many communities to help form associations and co-operatives since the 1980s. He has helped communities develop community-based enterprises, finance those enterprises and help get them commercially, sustainably operational in areas from small hydropower, wind, solar electricity, biomass energy, and small-scale  distributed, decentralised electricity of all types. He has helped set up over 20 community financial funds over the past 25 years.