BWCE Home Energy service is coming in September ’24

We’re excited to share the news about BWCE Home Energy during Community Energy Fortnight, following a pilot during winter/spring 23/24. Our service is designed to help local people achieve greater energy efficiency at lower costs, our new service will align with our community and environmental ethos by placing people and planet at the heart and centre.

But why is home energy efficiency important, and how does it relate to community energy?

Environmental concerns are growing and energy costs are high, making it difficult to maintain comfortable, healthy homes. Energy efficiency is becoming glaringly more critical in many people’s lives. By improving our energy efficiency, we can reduce our energy consumption. In turn, this enables us to have lower carbon emissions, more affordable utility bills and comfortable temperatures in the home year-round.

Reducing our energy demand also means less power needs to be generated – making it easier to satisfy our local needs with locally produced renewable energy. But achieving energy efficiency is often easier said than done. Many people face significant barriers, such as:

      • High upfront costs of installing new measures.
      • Disruptions to daily life caused by home improvement work.
      • Lack of information and technical know-how for getting started.

Home energy support for the community

The goal of our service is to support local people at each stage of their journey to achieving low carbon, comfortable and affordable homes.

Our team of energy experts combine deep technical expertise with local knowledge of the housing stock. From this September, we’ll be offering independent, expert advice in the form of home energy assessments, to help people understand their options and get clear on the smartest energy improvements for their homes and budgets.

Bath and the surrounding area are rich with listed properties

We’re working with B&NES Council’s Conservation Officer to offer support for those looking to gain consent for energy efficiency works. We’re also partnering with Retrofit West who are currently offering a voucher of up to £250 off a home assessment for residents in the West of England, see more here.

At the same time, we’ll be offering support and inspiration through talks, events and other activities, helping local people share their experiences and learn from each other. For example, Green Open Homes events are taking place in Bath and communities across North East Somerset this Autumn. – see HERE for details.

Who wouldn’t want a lower carbon, warmer home, with lower running costs?

We’ve been piloting since last autumn and we’re really looking forward to taking our full service live. Our vision is to make home energy efficiency more accessible, affordable and fair, with residents supporting each other.