How can we shift and reduce our electricity demand?

Can we do this as a community?

This will be an ongoing conversation on what we can do individually and collective, what best motivates us to do this, what the barriers are and how we can overcome them.

To find out about the energy used by common home electrical appliances see our information sheet Electricity Demand of Typical Home Appliances Appliance-Electricity-Demand.pdf

Tips from Solar Streets residents

We asked residents in the Solar Streets area to suggest tips for shifting and reducing electricity use in the home. This is what they came up with:

  1. Install energy efficiency bulbs, especially the replacement of halogen.
  2. Check energy efficiency ratings on new appliances.
  3. Insulate to avoid heat loss, especially for those with electric heaters.
  4. Buy a kettle with ‘a window’ so you only heat the amount of water you need.
  5. Use drying racks rather than tumbler dryers where possible – either outside or inside (as long as you take steps to avoid condensation).
  6. Use mechanical timers that automatically turn some items off at pre-set times.
  7. Use a thermos flask to store boiling water.
  8. Consider how often you need to shower per week, especially as it dries out your skin and uses up water.
  9. If you have a delay time on your washing machines you can load it in the evening and set it to finish early morning so you can hang up the clothes to dry during the day.
  10. Make sure your washing machine is well loaded before using it.
  11. Make sure your dishwasher is fully loaded and consider whether or not you need to use it every day.
  12. Many dishwashers have delay timers, so they can run overnight to provide clean dry dishes in time for breakfast!

If you have any more suggestions you would like to add please email [email protected]

Further resources

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