How can we shift and reduce our electricity demand?

Solar Streets is asking residents to sign-up local to a programme of electricity demand shifting that will involve reviewing electricity demand, considering what activities that use electricity could be done outside of peak times and then attempting to shift and potentially reduce demand over a period of time.

We are focusing on two months – June and October 2019 – as demand shifting months. These will be run similar to other ‘month’ campaigns (e.g. ‘dry January’). During these months we are asking residents to try to shift electricity demand to off-peak and/or reduce it in total.

Here are some resources to help you shift and reduce your demand.

BWCE have produced a briefing sheet on the Electricity Demand of Typical Home Appliances.

Smart Homes to cut electricity bills
According to the One Home website a standard household will have 40 electrical appliances, watch television for five hours a day and boil the kettle over 1,500 times a year!  Here are some tips to help you reduce electricity demand.

How much electricity am I using?
According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) if you want to save electricity and money it helps to focus on ‘what uses watt’? This is a useful page to consult when buying and using electrical appliances.

Welcome to the energy saving tip-house
CSE has provided 16 energy saving tips for every household

CSE advice leaflets
Free information sheets on domestic energy.