Due to the current COVID-19 health emergency BWCE, in common with most organisations, is changing the way it operates. All staff members are restricted to working from home and we are moving work online where we possibly can. For example, we will be testing how we can run future public meetings as online webinars. Clearly, we will be constrained in what we can do in certain areas and there will be impacts, but we are carrying out a full review of all potential risks and how to mitigate these going forward. We are confident we will be able to manage any impact, but we will of course let you know how these plans develop.

If you or anyone you know requires support or can offer it to others during the current crisis Bath Cooperative Alliance have a COVID-19 Community Support page which lists a number of local initiatives. We wish you well and hope that you stay safe and find a positive way to deal with the restrictions we now all face.