Projects funded in 2019

In 2019 the Community Fund awarded £31,204 to 11 projects. This is what they did with the money:

The Carers Centre B&NES (Care Network) used their £5000 grant to add secondary glazing to windows at the front of their Carers’ Wellbeing Centre. This included all of the rooms used by carers for group activities and counselling and one-to-one sessions.





A £5000 grant contributed to the overall costs of ceiling insulation, plaster works and new electrics at Marksbury Village Hall.





All Saints used their £4319 grant to install LED lighting and a digital heating control system in the Weston Hub building. This has transformed this old building into a sustainable facility for the whole community and has reduced the annual energy bill.





With a £950 grant Bath Share & Repair have been able to give each Repair Cafe its own resources. This has made each one more independent and they no longer need to move resources from one side of Bath to another, thereby reducing carbon emissions. The PAT Testers for each café give both repairer and user the confidence that each repaired electrical item is safe to use. Through having banners which can be hung outside each venue they are able to give members of the public advance notice of when and where each cafe is.

Percy Community Centre used their £3700 grant to install LED lighting throughout the building, including in the Conference Room, corridor, sports hall, basement room and some storage areas.







With a £1500 grant Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon have been able to purchase drinking fountains which they have installed in three locations to reduce the use of plastic bottles in the town. Three thirst-quenching poems have also been written for plaques on the fountains.



Henstridge Village Hall have used their £3000 grant to remove the original night storage heaters and installed 36 infra-red low energy heating panels into the existing suspended ceiling together with a new control system, temperature sensor and push button control.



A £522 grant has resulted in eight fruit trees and an edible hedge being planted at Monksdale Allotments Community Orchard. The money also enabled volunteers to purchase a hedge trimmer, tree pruner, fruit press and wild flower seeds.







A £3660 grant has contributed towards the annual running costs of the Library of Things/Borrow It scheme run by Time Bank Plus. This scheme encourages residents to borrow useful household items rather than buy them.







A £3053 grant contributed to a pilot of the Ride to Work by Bike project run by Transition Bath. This has provided employees at Bath based workplaces the opportunity to trial the use of an electric bike for six weeks each. Each workplace gets the free loan of electric bicycles and associated equipment plus training and support to use the bikes and to maximise the chances of them making the switch permanent.



The Friends of Bathampton Meadows Riverside originally applied to the Community Fund for a £500 grant to install a recycling bin and a noticeboard. However, through using recycled materials (e.g. recycled wood for the noticeboard) they were able to reduce their costs down to £50 enabling £450 to be recycled back into the Community Fund for the following year.