Projects funded in 2017

In 2017 the Community Fund awarded £40,543 to 12 projects. This is what they did with the money:

Bath City Farm used a £2285 grant to carry out a feasibility study to investigate the potential for an anaerobic digester to produce sufficient gas to fuel cooking in the Farm’s proposed new cafe.




With a grant of £5000 Transition Bath developed activities for primary school pupils to help them learn about energy. This included visiting schools to support teachers and pupil eco-teams to perform energy saving activities.

With a £1373 grant Saltford Community Association were able to install two fan units to reduce the heat loss caused by the height of the open space within the hall.





With a grant of £1000 Community at 67 in Keynsham installed a new uPVC door at the front of the premises and replaced the doorstep with a ramp. They also held a session with the Centre of Sustainable Energy to advise people on energy saving, applying for grants and using online tools to get the best deal on energy usage.



With a grant of £1500 Nexus Methodist Church were able to install and de-bug a prototype heating controller linked online to the diary at the Claremont Church Methodist Centre in Bath.



Widcombe Association used a grant of £1500 to undertake 11 household energy surveys within the Widcombe area. They covered a range of house types, from Georgian to 1960s, and a range of occupants, from single retired people to families with young children. Following the survey each participant was provided with a written report covering results from thermal imaging, lighting and other observations.


As a result of a £5000 grant Age UK Bath & North East Somerset were able to reach more older people in B&NES with their Winter Warmth message. They distributed information to through GP surgeries, flu jab clinics, newsletters, their magazine, social media and via their services. They also ran an event with exercise demonstrations to highlight the importance of staying active. We are hoping to run another event to offer more specific advice to people facing fuel poverty.

A £500 grant helped Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon develop their Refill project. This include the purchase of the City to Sea Refill campaign licence (which included How To Guide for volunteers and permission to add Refill stations to the Refill mobile app), training for the project group to sign up local businesses as Refill stations and add them to the Refill App and production of stickers for local businesses.

They also promoted the Refill scheme and the use of refillable bottles through talks to local groups/schools, information stands in local venues and events, getting people to pledge to refill their water bottle and receiving a sticker in return.

A grant of £1960 enabled St Barnabas Church in Bath to install three  sweep fans in the 10m high ceiling space to increase energy efficiency and reduce gas consumption.

With a grant of £4850 Time Bank Plus set up the Library of useful things project. This involved developing storage, initial publicity, building up the ‘library’ through donations from local people, PAT testing & repairing equipment as needed, holding a launch event and producing all the necessary paperwork. By the end of the year 118 useful items were available to borrow.




With a grant of £5000 Stanton Prior Village Committee installed six new ceiling mounted radiant heater units in the village hall. They also installed wood fibre insulation into the honeycomb voids in the hall to improve the energy efficiency of the building.