The BWCE Fund awarded Peter Pan Play School (Newbridge, Bath) £1000 for the provision of a bike, scooter and pram shed.

Clare Moon, the Peter Pan Committee Chair tells us about the benefits of installing the new shed for their families and the local environment.

With thanks to our committee volunteers, the BWCE Fund and Shed Scene we now have a splendid scooter and pushchair shelter for families to use.

The pre-school and our families are delighted with our new scooter shed. Having a safe place to store scooters, bikes and buggies has removed barriers for families wanting to reduce their car journeys and increase their exercise.

Overall, we have seen a reduction in car journeys. Before the shed was installed (based on survey data), 16% of our families always drove. Since the shed was installed, those families now walk/scoot at least once a week or more.

This is great news for our families, our local environment and the local community, Parents and carers have reported finding commuting to pre-school easier and more relaxed and some noted seeing the benefit in their children of increased exercise and the development of scooter skills.

We know our families will continue to benefit from this valuable resource and hope to enable and encourage more families to walk, scoot, cycle their way to Pre-School. We are grateful to BWCE fund for their generous support which has made it possible.