BWCE advises Government (part 2)

BWCE chair Pete Capener writes:

The Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) recently launched a ‘Call for Evidence on Community Energy’ with the intention of collecting information to help them develop a Community Energy Strategy in the Autumn. The strategy will outline what Government and others could do to ensure community energy projects flourish and become a central part of the UK’s response to climate change and peak oil.

Ed Davey MP (the Secretary of State for Energy) has gone on record saying he wants nothing less than a ‘community energy revolution’. Hopefully the strategy will turn the positive rhetoric from himself and other ministers like Greg Barker, into tangible, practical, community friendly outcomes.

To this end I have, as BWCE’s chair, been working alongside other community practitioners to help DECC civil servants get their heads around community energy, what it is and what its potential might be. I am a member of Greg Barker’s Community Energy Contact Group (see here for information) and am on the steering group for DECC funded research into the potential for community energy.

The Call for Evidence represents an important opportunity for communities to tell Government what we think needs to happen, so don’t delay, follow this link and get involved!

It is encouraging to see government give serious attention to community energy and really try to understand what needs to be done to help support the rapid development of the sector. I hope the rhetoric and the strong support from politicians will feed through to the development of a strategy that clearly articulates what’s needed and an implementation plan that ensures that its delivered.

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