• BWCE members at the AGM in front of solar array at Hartham Park


share-offer-download-iconOur third Public Share Offer to raise £1.6M opened on 17 September 2014

To find out how to invest, details of launch events near you and to download the Share Offer document click here

We have prepared a list of likely and useful questions you may wish to ask. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be updated as required during the share offer. So if you cannot find the answer to a question you have or need some further information, do not hesitate to contact us. (Contact)

Please click here to download answers to the current FAQs.

Q. What is BWCE?

Q. Who runs BWCE and how can I be sure that the organisation is managed properly?

Q. Will the Directors benefit personally?

Q. What is the purpose of the fundraise and how much do you expect to raise?

Q. What is the difference between debt and underwriting finance?

Q. What will you do if you don’t raise sufficient finance in this fundraise?

Q. What are the costs of operating the Society?

Q. What impact will this project have on efforts to address climate change or peak oil?

Q. What is the wildlife situation is at the Wilmington Farm site and how will it be affected?

Q. Why is the Array sited at Wilmington Farm?

Q. Why are you building a solar array on open land, shouldn’t this be used for agricultural purposes?

Q. What returns can I expect as a member?

Q. Why do you talk about members being paid interest rather than a dividend?

Q. When will interest on my investment start accruing?

Q. When will members’ interest payments be made?

Q. How realistic are the projected returns?

Q. What are the key risks to earning the projected returns?

Q. How does the performance of BWCE’s existing projects affect my investment?

Q. Are the returns dependent on future expansion and further fundraising by BWCE?

Q. Is my investment protected in any way?

Q. Under what circumstances could BWCE go bust, and what would happen to my investment then?

Q. Can I sell or withdraw my investment?

Q. Can my investment increase or decrease in value?

Q. What are the tax implications of the investment?

Q. How confident are you that the investment qualifies for EIS?

Q. Can I invest in BWCE on behalf of my children or grandchildren?

Q What happens if I die before my shares are repaid?

Q. How much will be generated for the Community Fund?

Please click here to download answers to the current FAQs.

Last Updated 15th September 2014

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