What is happening in Solar Streets?

OpenLV Monitoring equipment has been installed at local sub-stations to provide ongoing data on electricity demand across the neighbourhood.

A key element of the project has been the installation of BWCE owned solar pv and battery storage at a reduced cost to householders. By November 2019 we had installed solar pv on 9 properties and batteries in 16 properties (including 7 who had existing solar pv). The systems are installed, owned and maintained by BWCE with householders paying a one-off use of system charge and a small annual maintenance cost. The use of battery storage will enable households to use electricity generated by the solar PV panels later in the evenings during peak demand periods.

Following the installation the project will be testing how far a community approach can be effective in both shifting energy demand to off-peak and reducing it altogether across the neighbourhood. Monitoring from the sub-stations and feedback from participants will assess the success of this approach. This process will begin in November 2019 and continue into 2020. For information on how to shift and reduce electricity demand check out these resources.

On a long-term basis BWCE will be exploring how far this approach can be replicated in other communities locally. We will also be exploring how far community energy groups such as BWCE can operate as an intermediary between communities and the electricity supply industry to develop the flexibility that is required to better balance supply and demand.