Bath & West Community Energy have been working with Bath Cooperative Alliance and the Co-operative Group Member Pioneers in Bath, Bradford on Avon and Corsham to encourage people to ‘Shout About Co-ops Together’ during Co-ops Fortnight (20th June to 3rd July).

The campaign has three elements:


We have been encouraging local co-ops and community owned organisations to provide their information so they can be added to the Bath Cooperative Alliance website.

Local Co-ops & community owned organisations


5,000 ‘We’re Shouting About Co-ops Together’ postcards are being distributed via local Co-op shops, other co-ops & community owned organisations.

Social Media

A social media campaign is being run on the International Day of Co-operatives, Sat 2nd July asking local organisations to mention a fellow co-op with a link to the website.

To follow and support the campaign use the hashtags