Solar Streets Electricity Demand

The following graph shows the electricity demand on two feeders from two sub stations, the first on Bloomfield Avenue, serving Maple Grove and a little bit of Bloomfield Avenue and the second on Elm Place serving the South side of Bloomfield Avenue, part of Well Road and part of Bloomfield Road.

Last 24 hours

The map below provides more detail of which properties the two feeders being monitored serve. The pink blobs indicate the properties served by the Bloomfield Avenue substation feeder and the green blobs indicate the properties served by the Elm Place substation feeder. The other colours are feeders we are not focussing on for this project.

The graph below shows how the carbon intensity of electricity supplied varies over a typical day. Because there is a higher proportion of renewable energy, in particular solar PV in the South West, carbon intensity is a lot lower in this region than nationally. Date is not available at a smaller geographical scale.

But it shows that just shifting the use of electricity from 8pm to 2pm, where this is possible, could cut carbon emissions in half in the South West.