Switch to Our Local Energy Tariff

You’ve Got the Power

Bath & West Community Energy are delighted that as a result of an innovative collaboration with not-for-profit energy supplier Our Power and B&NES Council, for the first time you will be able to show your support for local renewable energy by signing up to the Our Local Green Energy tariff.

As Bath & West Community Energy, we will be supplying electricity from our projects as well as playing a major role in helping to promote the tariff to local people.

The Our Power In B&NES scheme offers local people the choice of two new energy supply deals:

  1. The ‘Our Local Green Energy’ tariff offers local households the chance to buy 100% renewable electricity, which is locally generated and community owned wherever possible, using green energy from B&NES and the surrounding area.
  2. The ‘Our Fairer Energy’ tariff is one of the cheapest dual fuel tariffs available on the market for pre-payment customers.

Further information – including full details of how to sign up to the tariffs – is available on https://our-power.co.uk/bathnes

Our Local Green Energy

The ‘Our Local Green Energy’ tariff, supplied by Our Power, will provide 100% renewable electricity, the majority of which has been generated within the B&NES district and nearby area. It can be bought stand alone or combined with standard gas to create a dual fuel deal.

As well as being local, the power will come from schemes that are community owned wherever possible. This helps keep even more of the benefits within our local economy.


For more details of ‘Our Local Green Energy’, including how to switch, see here.

Our Fairer Energy

The ‘Our Fairer Energy’ tariff, supplied by Our Power, is one of the cheapest dual fuel tariffs available on the market for pre-payment customers. It offers one simple, low-cost, standard variable tariff for all customers, whether they chose to pay via Pay As You Go or by Direct Debit, and includes smart meters with an inbuilt ‘friendly credit’ feature (which provides emergency credit if customers run out at evenings or weekends).

In line with Our Power’s social mission, all profits go back to keeping bills as low as possible and helping those who need it most.

For more details, including how to switch, see here.


Who’s involved in Our Power In B&NES?

Energy supplier Our Power is an independent energy supply company with a mission to make energy supply fairer and more affordable. It is has been set up by a Community Benefit Society, like BWCE, and is owned by social housing providers, community organisations and local authorities. It was one of the first energy suppliers to be set up to operate on a non-profit distribution basis in the UK. Its not-for-profit status means that any surplus generated by the business is reinvested in its customers and in keeping their bills as low as possible. Our Power will be providing the Our Local Green Energy and Our Fairer Energy tariffs to customers in the scheme.

B&NES Council is supporting the scheme in line with its objectives of supporting renewable energy and reducing fuel poverty in the district. It will support the scheme with local marketing and manage the contract with Our Power to ensure delivery of the scheme in line with its specification.

Bath & West Community Energy’s involvement in this scheme is the first step in fulfilling one of its original objectives, to supply locally generated electricity to local people. At the moment for regulatory reasons, BWCE can’t sell directly to local consumers, yet. But it can work with a not-for-profit energy supplier like Our Power to do the next best thing, sell electricity to Our Power, who then sell to local consumers. BWCE will also be working with B&NES Council to market and promote the scheme to local people. BWCE will receive a referral fee for every customer who switches to the Our Local Green Energy tariff, and for every year they then stay a customer. This will help us increase our capacity to do even more positive local projects.