Mongoose Energy

Taking Local Energy National

BWCE’s project development activities have grown rapidly over the last few years, in response to significant and increasing demand from other community groups looking to draw on the experience BWCE has gained to date.

During 2014-15 the decision was taken by the BWCE board, following discussions with members, to transfer BWCE’s project development activities into a separate company, Mongoose Energy, majority owned by the community benefit societies it supports. This will:

  • reduce the risk profile in BWCE as the liabilities associated with project development will be passed on to Mongoose Energy, whilst retaining the ability for BWCE to earn a dividend from Mongoose Energy in line with its level of trade with the new development cooperative
  • enable Mongoose Energy to work across the country and so build the scale necessary to draw in the commercial finance required to grow the community energy sector
  • enable BWCE to focus on its delivery in Bath & surrounding area and the building out of the rest of its mission, including energy efficiency and local energy supply

Mongoose Energy will be taking on the development activities for BWCE’s community partners, Low Carbon Gordano, Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy and Frome Renewable Energy Co. On top of which Mongoose Energy is rapidly developing a wider portfolio of projects and links with other community energy enterprises across the country.

For more information on Mongoose Energy please see their dedicated website here.

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