On 17th June 2021, as part of Community Energy Fortnight,  BWCE and Avalon Community Energy (ACE) ran a webinar to explore the challenge of energy demand and how we can achieve a low carbon electricity grid.

  • More solar and wind power?
  • More homes heated and vehicles powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels?

All good…

But it leads to a big challenge. The national grid needs to match demand with supply at all times, while most renewables provide a variable supply that doesn’t always match demand. To create a low carbon electricity grid with high levels of renewable energy, we need to solve this conundrum. We can’t control the wind or the sunshine. So what solutions can we employ to match demand and supply?

This Living with Renewables webinar provided an overview of the context and explored what we can do, as householders, to support the low carbon energy transition. With a presentation from Pete Capener, Managing Director of BWCE and a panel Q&A session. Chaired by Sonya Bedford, Energy Team head at Stephens Scown Solicitors, BWCE Director and legal advisor to ACE.

Watch the video of the webinar

The presentation starts at 3.00 mins

The Q&A session starts at 40.56 mins

See the presentation from the webinar

Become a flexible energy user

Flex Community is recruiting householders interested in combining heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers and immersion heaters with digital technology developed by Stemy Energy to help the electricity grid become more flexible and increase the supply of renewable energy.

Flex Community is operating in two areas:

  • The BWCE area (Bath & NE Somerset and parts of Wiltshire & South Gloucestershire) funded by Next Generation.
  • Wedmore, Wells, Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury, Street and surrounding areas in partnership with Avalon Community Energy as part of the Eoropean ReDREAM project.