Become a member of BWCE and help us build our capacity to:

Generate more renewable energy

Develop new approaches to reducing carbon emissions

Deliver community benefit

Anyone over 16 can become a member of BWCE by investing a minimum of £100. By becoming a member you will:

  • Make a clear statement of support for what we are trying to achieve
  • Help us to raise more funds for our work
  • Become involved in a not-for-profit community enterprise, democratically
    run by its members based on one member one vote
  • Earn a return of up to 5% per year on your investment

For more details and to apply go to:


Become a BWCE Supporter - help us develop clean local energy projects for the common good

 Sometimes it can feel our individual actions are not enough but if we work together, we can make a difference. We are building a people-powered network across the Bath & West area to promote practical action on community energy and climate change.

Work with us to develop a project in your local community

  • Are you involved in a community organisation or Parish Council?
  • Are you interested in developing a community energy project in your community?

With over a decade’s experience in the field BWCE has developed significant expertise and resources to develop community owned renewable energy projects, including:

  • A tried and tested not-for-profit business model which prioritises community benefit.
  • Significant expertise in fundraising, managing projects, engaging communities and navigating planning policies and electricity grid requirements.
  • Strong relationships with suppliers, installers and a community owned asset management company.

Find out how we can work with you by going to our Community Support page.

Resources for community action on energy

The momentum towards a low carbon future is building and we can all play our part by:

Reducing our carbon impact as individuals and communities

Inspiring and supporting each other to take action in our communities

Influencing policymakers, businesses and other organisations to make the big changes required.

Check out ‘resources‘ on our menu for ideas on how to support community action around renewable energy generation and energy demand.