Do you live in the Bishop Sutton area or one of the villages listed below?

(Stowey, Sutton Wick, Cameley, Temple Cloud, Hinton Blewett, South Widcombe, Chewton Mendip, Litton and Coley).

Network maps show us you are already being supplied with electricity from BWCE’s Solar Array at Stowey Farm, when solar electricity is generating, via the National Grid. Wouldn’t it be good if you could buy your electricity direct at an affordable price?

Although current legislation doesn’t allow you to do this,  BWCE’s Flex Community™ research project is keen to demonstrate how this could work in readiness for anticipated policy changes.

BWCE have received European Union funding to carry out a pilot project aimed at maximising the local use of renewable electricity.  We are already monitoring the electricity generated from BWCE’s Solar Array at Stowey Farm, and we know from the electricity distribution maps that much of this generation goes into Bishop Sutton. Whilst we know that residents are already using this electricity, we would like to know when, and how much, of this renewable electricity the households are using.

We’re inviting you, if you do not already have solar panels installed, to get involved.

Join our “Flex Community™” project.

  • You do not need to change energy supplier to join our Flex Community™ trial
  • There is no cost to you, in fact we even pay you for getting involved.
  • You’ll need a smart phone so you can download our App
  • And to allow us to install a free small smart device close to your fuse board.

We then work with householders, using our App, to see how much money and carbon they could save if this exercise was for real, and they were actually using/buying energy from the local solar array at times when it is generating solar electricity.

Meet the team at Bishop Sutton Village Hall (lounge)Wednesday 30th November, 6.30pm or 7.40pm.

Register to help us gauge attendee numbers as we are in the smaller lounge room.

6.30pm session

7.40pm session

or contact Julia on 07784 144439 /email [email protected]

Your involvement could lead to a significant step forward in the trading of locally generated renewables.

To find out more about the Flex Community Project see