Projects funded in 2018

In 2018 the Community Fund awarded £27,500 to 10 projects. This is what they did with the money:

A £625 grant enabled Wellow Village Shop to replace the large, power hungry chest freezer with two freezers. They have reported that the new freezers cost a fraction of the old one to run as well as reducing their carbon footprint.



The Friends of Roundhill Primary School used their £650 grant to fund training sessions to make better use of the boiler/ heating system in the school. The funding also kick-started an eco-team project in conjunction with the Energy Sparks initiative. Pupils from both the infant and junior parts of the school identified efficiencies they could make across the school which resulted in significant savings.

A grant of £1476 enabled SWALLOW to install a new dropped ceiling with full insulation into one of their offices to improve working conditions and increase energy efficiency.




A grant of £3878 enabled Bath Share & Repair to develop additional regular Repair Cafes in Weston Hub and Peasedown St John and to operate pop-up Repair Cafes in areas such as Foxhill.




With a grant of £3400 Transition Bath carried out a feasibility study for their proposed ride to work electric bike project. This included publicity for the project, interviews with a number of companies who were interested in joining the scheme, the development of a website, sourcing of an e- bike loan company, investigation of cycle training schemes and health monitoring.



With a grant of £2500 Camerton Community Hall purchased and fitted 70 rolls of Superglass insulation to upgrade the insulation in the Community Hall.

A grant of £4790 enabled Bath Carnival to engage local residents in communal workshops to design and build large colourful structures which were then attached to non-motorized modes of transportation, including tricycles, pushchairs and wheelchairs. These featured in the Bath Carnival procession on Saturday 21 July, replacing motorized vehicles and reducing the carbon footprint of the event.





A grant of £4240 enabled the Centre For Sustainable Energy to provide a programme of expert, tailored energy advice in the Radstock and Midsomer Norton area. Around 80% of households were interested in reducing energy usage and 40% asked for more information on the best way to use their heating controls.

A grant of £3145 enabled Time Bank Plus to keep the Library of Things/Borrow It open to the public for a second year, increasing to approximately 140 items donated by local people or organisations.



Bath Spa Students’ Union had applied for a grant of £2825 to work with student volunteers to deliver simple and inexpensive methods of keeping student housing insulated. This project did not go ahead as anticipated. The student union spent only £73 of the grant and returned the remaining £2752 to be recycled back into the Community Fund for distribution to other fund applicants the following year.