Over the last 6 months BWCE’s board and staff team have been reviewing what we have achieved as an organisation over the last 3-4 years as part of developing our strategy for our next business plan period to 2025.

We are at a critically important time for our efforts to create a net zero carbon society, within a timescale that will protect our children from the worst impacts of climate heating.

As BWCE we have a growing staff team, able to develop new solar projects for the first time since the Feed in Tariff was cancelled and with new areas of work either being tested or being planned around energy demand, EV charging, wind turbines, renewable heat, local supply and battery storage.

We want to offer a clear answer to the question, “what role can we play in the rapid transition that is now required to a net zero carbon society?”

On 8th July 2021 we held a meeting to enable BWCE members to tell us what they thought about our new business plan before it was presented to the AGM on 25th September.