In June 2022 BWCE hosted a Project Milestone Meeting, in Bath ,for over  20 participants from our partner organisations in the EU funded ReDREAM project. Our visitors came from Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands and France. Several other participants joined us online in this hybrid event, including the EU Project Officer and Project Reviewer, which took place from 13th-15th June.

ReDREAM, funded by EU Horizon 2020, aims to revolutionise the energy market by putting consumers at the heart of a co-created energy ecosystem which also involves all the major energy stakeholders (e.g. generators, suppliers, distributors, installers) to enable more efficient production, distribution and use of renewable energy. Under the motto “Change Your Energy”, ReDREAM seeks to empower consumers to rethink how they use energy, helping them move toward a wholly more sustainable approach.

Our Flex Community project is one of the demonstrations , together with others in Croatia, Italy and Spain. Other partners are researching consumer behaviour, developing technical solutions (e.g. apps and smart-devices) and analysing the data from the demonstration projects to gather learning from the project and disseminating the findings.

It was great to get together with our European partners for three days of intensive meetings in Widcombe Social Club together with more relaxing evening activities, including meals and a guided walk. On the Monday night delegates were welcomed to Bath by Alastair Singleton, B&NES Member Advocate for Renewable Energy, Jane Wildblood, Strategic Manager (Climate & Environmental Sustainability) and Jackie Clayton, Head of Green Transformation for B&NES Council.

We are especially grateful to a small group of our Flex Community participants who joined the meeting to discuss their experiences on the project and to throw out some challenges to the partners!

Everyone went away with new ideas on how we can work together on this innovative project and hopefully new friends from across Europe!

More details of how people can get involved in Flex Community, and thereby ReDREAM, will be available in the next BWCE newsletter. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact [email protected]