BWCE trials energy saving programmes for schools.

BWCE was successful in its bid for funding to the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s ‘Local Energy Assessment Fund’ for £37,000 in January. As part of our community work, 3 of our ‘generating’ schools (Ralph Allen, Oldfield and Newbridge Primary) as well as 2 additional primary schools (at Bathford and Colerne) have benefited from a full energy survey.

Working to a very tight time schedule, as the money has to be spent by the end of March, a team of energy specialists have visited the schools to identify energy saving opportunities. After delving into boiler rooms, inspecting insulation and measuring thermal conductivity all over the school they have compiled a report. This shows that savings of between 20-60% are possible on the schools’ current energy bills (this includes the contribution from the solar PV).

The team have worked up initial proposals for BWCE to finance energy efficiency improvement packages. They have tested how these ideas could work in practice with our colleagues at the schools concerned, B&NES council and legal advisors Carbon Leapfrog. Conclusions suggest a business case may exist for BWCE at around half the schools surveyed.

Team leader Cathy Hough says “The team have also worked with schools to engage pupils and the local community in energy saving actions. This has included energy monitor loan schemes, curriculum linked projects, home energy questionnaires, whole school assemblies and energy roadshows. It has been a busy but productive few months! Once its completed the schools team look forward to sharing the final project report with you on the BWCE website.”

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