AGM 2019

BWCE’s 2019 AGM was held on Saturday 14thSeptember at Komedia, another community owned business in central Bath. We were delighted to welcome over 50 members, bondholders and interested observers. The formal AGM notice can be seen here.

We would like to thank not just those who attended, who voted on-line or who stood for election, but also all our members, supporters, friends and partners for their active involvement in what we have been doing over the year. We need your help and that of many more if we are to make the rapid reduction in carbon emissions required to address the climate emergency we now face.

In particular we wanted to acknowledge:

  • Sophie Hooper Lea for her great work as chair of the BWCE community fund, alongside all the other fund trustees and the Quartet Foundation, who make the fund such an effective mechanism for supporting local community action. The fund is now open for grant applications. See here for more information.
  • Jane Laurie as chair of the Communications and Community Outreach group and the other active members of the supporters network that have done such great work over the last year.
  • BWCE’s board, Jon Bateman, Sonya Bedford, Mike Bess, Peter Harvey, Jeff Kenna, Jolyon Orchard, Pam Penkman for their commitment, support, insight and challenge over the year. Especially Mike Bess who is moving to Ireland and has not sought re-election for the board this year after many years of excellent contribution and support. He will be missed.
  • Our members and investors, without whose confidence in what we are trying to achieve we would not be here.
  • Our partners, Bright Renewables, Stemy Energy, Moixa, Triodos and many others, but in particular Jane Wildblood and her team at B&NES Council who have done such valuable work over many years and are now even more important with the Council’s own declaration of a climate emergency.

We are looking forward to working with you all and many others over the coming year as we seek new ways to address the challenge of the looming climate crisis, already having such devastating impacts around the world.

Presentations from the AGM can be downloaded here this includes highlights from for the year 2018/19 an update on future strategy, including proposals for the next 18 months and investment in new development..

Our audited accounts for the year can be seen here.

A report on the highlights from 2018/19, our finances and our proposals for member and community fund payments for the year can be seen here.

 AGM Motions

The AGM supported the following motions:

  • Adopt the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31stMarch 2019;
  • Approve 6.25% interest on shares held by members;
  • Approve £35,000 allocated to the Community Fund;
  • Reappoint of Alanbrookes Ltd as BWCE’s auditors; and
  • Change in our rules to allow the Board to co-opt up to 3 Directors (the rules had previously limited this to 2).

BWCE Board elections

We would like to thank all those who stood for election to BWCE’s Board this year: Barney Rhys Jones, David Daniels and David Martin. Our elected Directors contribute a significant amount of time and expertise in overseeing BWCE’s work and strategy, and anyone who puts themselves forward for election has already made a commitment to do that.

Barney Rhys Jones was elected and we look forward to welcoming him to our next Board meeting in November.

Community Fund & the Supporters network

Sophie Hooper Lea, chair of the BWCE Community Fund, and Jane Laurie, chair of the communication and community outreach group of the Supporters Network provided an update on their work during the year.

It was great to hear from active members of the supporters network, Steve Cross, David Symington and Nicolette Boater about what they had been working on, and two grant recipients, Alice Boden from Monksdale Allotments and Peter Hayward from the Weston Hub, about what their grants had enabled them to do (planting a community orchard & energy efficient lighting and heating system controls).