BWCE mentors new groups

We are delighted to have joined the Energy Mentoring programme, led by Co-operatives UK. The new scheme helps groups navigate the often complex financial, regulatory and organisational hurdles faced by ventures looking to develop community energy projects. Read more about the Energy Mentoring programmer here or the full story from the Bath Chronicle.

BWCE loan and the ‘call-in’

BWCE have been negotiating a loan from B&NES council for the Wilmington Farm Solar Array. The proposed loan was to be over 15 years and at 6.5%.  As you may have read in the local papers the loan was ‘called in’ by 10 Conservative Councillors. This meant we had to undergo examination by a scrutiny panel made up of Councillors from B&NES to make sure that the loan was legitimate and in the best interests of the council tax payers.

As it is part of the democratic process and as a B&NES council tax payer myself, scrutiny is something to be welcomed. We asked our members to write to the panel to help present our case, and at less than 48 hours notice, they responded heroically. A brave number even registered to speak in for our case.

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