BWCE’s latest share offer is now closed. Thank you to all our new members and to those existing members who have invested again!

Download our Share Offer Document, including an application form HERE

Download an addendum to the Share Offer Document covering the Portworthy Solar Array HERE

We have closed our share offer at just over £1.2 million. We will now be able to fund the 250kW solar PV array at Stowey House Farm and an electricity generating water wheel at the Old Mill Hotel on the Bathampton Weir. As we have doubled our original target we will be able to use additional funds for the 4MW Portworthy solar array mentioned in the Share Offer Document. This additional solar opportunity in Devon can be taken into community ownership and will meet our financial criteria around member return and payments to a community fund.  We will also be issuing a separate bond offer for this project over the coming weeks. The bond offer is fully underwritten so any investment made as part of this share offer that is allocated to the new project will be successful. See here for more details on the additional project.

We have consistently paid our members 7% pa interest on their investment since our first share offer in 2011.

As an investor you are investing in BWCE, an established and award winning community enterprise that has been operating successfully since 2010. See here for information on the wide range of community renewable energy projects we have already developed. It is a medium to long-term investment.

We have also distributed £65,000 to our independent Community Fund to support a range of local community projects.

Click here to see BWCE’s Annual Reports and past Business Plans.

How your interest is calculated

Interest is calculated from the date your shares are issued until the end of BWCE’s financial year. Subsequent payments will be for complete financial years.

The way it works is that the BWCE financial year ends on 1 April and the interest available is calculated for that financial year. A vote is taken at the AGM, usually in July to approve the payment. If approved the payment is usually made by the end of September, beginning of October that same year.

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