Our third Public Share Offer opened on 17 September 2014: raising £1.6 million to build the Wilmington Farm Solar Array. Together with the pre-offer for members, this totals £2.1 million raised for this project from two share offers

∗ Public Share Offer now closed: £1,600,00o raised ∗

Our share offer has now closed, early,  on the 10th November. It was fully subscribed.  A big thank you to all our investors.

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Our partners, Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy, are currently fundraising £2.7 million to build a solar array near Swindon. Click here to visit their website

Investors: What happens now

If you are one of our new investors here’s what happens now:

Please note if your application was received in the last few days of the offer, because of the volume of applications,  you may receive a scaled down allocation. If that is the case we will let you know as soon as possible.

Once the allocations are sorted out the directors will meet to formally approve your application to invest in BWCE and become a member. Once accepted you will receive an email from BWCE telling you the good news. Shortly after you will be sent your share certificate through the post.

The interest clock will start ‘ticking’ from the date on your share certificate. See how your interest is calculated below.

4 months after the Wilmington Farm Solar Array starts producing electricity you will be sent your EIS 3 certificate – further details about the EIS scheme can be found here

How your interest is calculated

Interest is calculated from the date your shares are issued until the end of BWCE’s financial year. Subsequent payments will be for complete financial years.

The way it works is that the BWCE financial year ends on 1 April and the interest available is calculated for that financial year. A vote is taken at the AGM to accept or reject the payment. If accepted the payment is usually made end of September beginning of October that same year.

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